Reggie's Rodent Rave and Rock & Roll party

Rats are very social and typically live in communities of 8 to 15. They feed and socialise almost exclusively at night.


Reggie Romances and Reproduces

Rats have an incredible reproduction rate. If two rats are allowed to mate in a suitable environment for 18 months they can potentially have over a million descendents. 
Rats reach sexual maturity at 8 to 12 weeks of age and mate all year round.
Rats have large litters (6 to 10) and can have up to 7 litters a year.


Reggie races and Romps at the Rodent Olympics

Physically very strong, rats have been known to swim for two days in open water. They can high jump a metre, long jump 1.2 metres, aerobatically drop 15 metres and hit the same top speeds as a human sprinter of around 40km per hour. 


Reggie drops Ratshit and he Reeks of Rodent

A single rat may produce 50 droppings and 50ml of urine daily. Not only do they devour feed sources but they tend to spoil what they are unable to consume by urinating and defecating on the remains of their meals. 
Rats urinates as they travel to mark their path. Heavy infestations have a distinctive odour.
The Rat Pack also carry dangerous diseases and they can directly spread a number of serious human diseases by way of fleas and mites.


Reggie's Routine

Rats are creatures of habits, feeding at 2 or 3 familiar places and using established routes. They move into buildings for food and warmth in the winter and continually migrate to re-occupy territories left vacant by previous control programmes. Rats are very territorial and only room about 100 to 300 metres from home. 

Reggie can't Resist

Rats and mice have an excellent sense of taste and a good memory. Rodents can identify certain substances, including some rat poisons. Rodents are very cautious, initially taking a small taste of anything new. After a taste of Generation they can't get enough. 


Reggie Rapidly Rolls Over

After a single feed Reggie is history. But not before he has told all his mates of the great tasting bait and the whole colony will gradually have joined in the feast.