For the control of slugs and snails in agricultural and horticultural crops.

  • How attractive to slugs and snails is Metarex?  

99 out of 100 slugs can't be wrong. In a detailed study 100 slugs in individual test dishes were given a choice of Metarex or another bait from NZ. 99 chose Metarex as it is much more attractive. In another study they even chose Metarex over lettuce or carrots, some of their favourite foods.

Metarex is highly attractive and highly palatable. Omega Seamaster Replica

  • How does Metarex perform? 

The secret of the top performance of Metarex is the combination of a very attractive and palatable bait that is highly durable in the field with a proven active ingredient. Metarex consistently out performs other baits in New Zealand.

Reliable, consistent control even under very high slug pressure.

  • How important is even spreading?   

Good ballistics and even spread are very important to ensure the best result. Slugs can detect food sources and be attracted over several centimeters.

  • Carabid beetles are effective beneficials that eat small slugs and eggs to aid control. Earthworms are very important to soil health. How toxic is Metarex to carabid beetle and earthworms?

Metarex will preserve the Carabid beetles and let them feed on small slugs and eggs. It also won't harm earthworms like certain other products.

  • How rainfast is Metarex?    

In a trial demonstration Metarex consistently out performed other NZ baits. After 60mm of rainfall Metarex was still present and active after 28 days.

  • How long will it last in the field?         

At least 4 weeks field life in NZ experience if not consumed by slugs or washed away by run off.

  • What are Metarex specifications?   

Manufactured in a wet process using high grade, very palatable ingredients. Metarex is an outstanding homogenous product with excellent weathering characteristics and high active strength.

  • Any dust or abrasion to machinery?     

Non abrasive and easy on equipment, low dust formulation.

  • What bait can be sown with seed? Metarex micro  

A much smaller bait than Metarex and ideal for blending with seed or fertiliser.
Use when drilling for optimum protection of vulnerable emerging seedlings.

Slug Bait Test Paper Answer :

  • Highly attractive to slugs
  • Outstanding performance
  • Excellent ballistics and even spreading
  • Safe on beneficial insects and earthworms
  • Very rainfast
  • At least 4 weeks field life
  • High strength and low use rates
  • No dust
  • Not abrasive to machinery
  • Plus a special formulation to mix with seed